ServicesWe specialize in all types of structural and miscellaneous steel for commercial and industrial projects. DAC can provide structural steel shop drawings in a variety of formats. We are capable of producing detailed drawing very fast. DAC provides a range of services to customers in the construction industry segment in the broad areas of structural design, detailing and architectural engineering. Using the state of the art technical tools and solutions, our services are tailored to our customers needs in an efficient and transparent manner.

Accurate ♦ Innovative ♦ Proven Results

Communication- We work hand-in-hand with you as part of your project management team.
Vision- we make you look good with our eye for detail. We see potential problems before they materialize by creating a 3D model of every project.
Confidence- we are more than a pretty set of drawings. We deliver precise and accurate drawings that are thoroughly evaluated and proven to work. We guarantee you can count on our results and our reputation.

Value - Precision, Professionalism, Simple Solutions

We offer our clients multi-discipline engineering services to help simplify project coordination, improve delivery schedules, and increase overall project quality.
Our Detailing Services include:  
  • Approval Drawings
  • Field Measurements
  • Revisions per approval and field measurements
  • Piece and assembly drawings for Fabrication
  • Final Installation Drawings
  • Anchor bolt plans
  • Embeds
  • Erection drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • Advanced BOM and field bolt count
  • Miscellaneous items
  • General Arrangement (GA) drawings
  • Stairs design and detail
  • Decks, Joists and Crane
  • Orthographic/ isometric/perspective drawings for any part of the structure
  • Project Management
  • Attend on-site meetings
  • Coordinate with discussions
  • Coordinate with trades
  • Coordinate with product teams

We also provide belt conveyor trestles and galleries, design and furnish calculations as required for all type of steel joint connections based on AISD/LRFD methods for licensed engineer approval, 3D structural modeling on Tekla (X-Steel), Prosteel including clash check to use for walk through in designed platform, Pre-bid steel take offs and estimation of structural steel including quantities with great accuracy in the desired formats, provide the structural analysis and design calculations of Civil / Structural components based on AISC / LRFD and respective state building codes for Professional Engineer (P.E.) approval.

On-Time Deliveries- For every project, we assess and agree with our clients on the time frame for delivery. Schedule assessments are based on work breakdown structure, thus making sure that we stick to our commitment.
Clean and accurate drawings will increase the productivity of a fabrication shop.